Exploring the Right Time to Introduce Babies to Soft Toys

From the moment they are born, babies are seen admiring many new sights, sounds and sensations. But in the midst of these, there is one more thing to which their attention is mostly drawn: soft toys. These adorable friends are more than just playful accessories, they also play a big role in developing a baby’s sensory exploration and emotional security. 

Soft toys are the ultimate charm for children of any age. Their cute features, playful textures, and even the sound of rattling can become a source of comfort for the babies, even during a period of separation anxiety. 

But when is the right time to introduce these cuddly partners to your baby? Read the blog to find out!

When should we introduce soft toys?

Newborns (0–3 Months)

The sight of newborns is limited to 12 to 15 inches. And the most interesting sight for them to see is your smiley face when you hold them. At this age, the best you can do for them is to talk and respond to their tiny gestures. 

New babies are in a constantly developing state. They explore new sights, vibrant colours, and even new kinds of sounds. For them, you can also play with baby rattles near them, as it helps in developing their auditory senses. 

Newborns are delicate and need some time to adjust to the discomfort of the outside world, so getting soft blankets and swaddles would be helpful. Snugglebubs also offers security blankets for ultimate comfort and secure sleep.

Infants (4–8 Months)

At the age of 4 months, babies like to play with the same toys as they did when they were in the newborn category. But this time, they like to hand out their toys on their own. 

They will try to grasp the rattles and shake them in the air on their own. This strengthens their fingers and also contributes to the strong muscles of the arm. 

Toddlers (9–18 Months)

Do you know what toddlers love the most? Toys! At the age of 8 to 9 months, your child will start to crawl and will put their hand in anything they see. Whether it is food, a socket or their toys,. They will not even let you handle any of the house chores. 

The best thing you can do for them now is to get a playmat with bright colours. This will keep them from any other distractions, and they'll be busy in their world, admiring the bright colours of their toys. 

The Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies

Baby soft toys play quite a role in helping babies develop their motor skills and sensations. Take a look at the below-listed benefits to learn how soft toys are significant in the development of babies.

Motor Skill Development

Toys are the tools that develop the learning instincts of children. After attempting one to two tries, the baby gets to know that if he shakes the rattle, it will produce a sound.

They require manipulation, grasping, and stacking of objects, hence improving the hand-eye coordination of the baby. 

Comfort and Security

Toys also offer comfort and security for the child. Especially the plushies. They are like the ultimate companions for the babies. 

Toddlers also feel scared at night and need a sense of security while sleeping. The soft plushies offer an endless calm effect and a hug partner whenever they feel scared. This helps to develop emotional abilities in the children.

Emotional Development

The emotional development of the child is actually in your hands. Keep playing with them. Do peek-a-boos at different times. You can also conduct a puppet show by using their soft toys. As we know, a crawling baby is always practicing standing up on their own. You can hold their hands and try some small dancing and jumping with them. 

This develops emotional security in the child. They get to know that they are safe around their parents and caretakers. 

Children with their toys also develop emotional security in them. The blankets and their toys, even the clothes—most people also keep these things with them forever in life due to the memories and emotional security they have given them.

Choosing the Right Soft Toy for Your Baby 

The importance of having soft toys for babies is at its peak, but there are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing them. 


Safety always comes first, especially in the case of delicate babies. When buying soft toys, make sure that they do not have small and sharp parts that might hurt them. 

When buying crockery for toddlers, make sure that it has a suction cup attached, so they won’t spill the food with minor hits. 

Material and Texture

Purchase those toys that are made of high-quality materials and fabrics. The plushies should be soft and should not be attached to anything small or harmful. 

The texture must be smooth for the sensitive skin of the baby. 

Size and Weight

Make sure to buy products that are light and easier for the baby to hold and play with. Also, the size must be accurate, whether you are getting anything for your newborn, infant or toddler. 


Babies like playing with toys that are bright and shiny. Also, there are rattles that play sounds and even other toys that regulate the auditory senses of the baby. 

Get any toy that a child responds to. These tiny responses actually make a lot of difference in the development of children, and they grow smarter in the future. 


Snugglebubs is an Australian company whose main focus is to provide products that help babies live a comfortable and healthy childhood. 

The materials they use for the production of essentials and toys, even the crockery, are the output of a proper plan, which is to keep the child healthy and away from any harm. Visit the Snugglebubs now, they know what you need!

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