5 Essential Baby Products for Infants in their Early 6 Months

When your baby reaches six months, you'll witness bigger milestones than in their newborn stage. Let's be honest, you might be pulling all-nighters because babies at this age often resist sleep.

Newborn cuddles are precious, but with a six-month-old, things can get chaotic. Your baby will start sitting on their own, attempting to stand, crawling and leaving marks on their knees, and rolling over during diaper changes.

Amidst the chaos, these months require the utmost care. Newborns are delicate, but a 26-week-old can surprise you with their actions, even bringing you to tears. Thankfully, Snugglebubs can make your life a bit easier.

Snugglebubs offers life-changing baby essentials that not only aid in parenting but also provide a safe childhood full of joy and curiosity. Check out the blog to discover how Snugglebubs baby essentials can help you sleep more peacefully.

What’s at Snugglebubs?

Snugglebubs, an Australian baby essential store, is sure to captivate you at first glance. Specialising in crafting products that play a crucial role in the moral and emotional development of babies, this company stands out.

Their toys are designed to enhance a baby's gripping power, while they also offer a range of baby blankets, gift boxes, and swaddles, among other items.

When seeking the perfect gift for a niece or nephew's baby shower, Snugglebubs is your best option. Their thoughtful gifts not only delight the recipients but also assist parents in navigating the journey of parenthood with ease.

Whether you're in search of soft toys or hanging rattles for your baby stroller, Snugglebubs can easily become your go-to brand for such purchases as dummy clips.

Baby Rattles

Baby rattles have been around for ages, and now they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, making them fun for newborns with their noise. They're a great gift for new parents because not everyone knows how much they help babies develop their skills.

These cute toys aren't just for entertainment; they also help babies learn. When babies start to like their rattles, they grab them without even thinking. Playing with rattles helps them learn to hold things better with their little hands. So, when you see your baby happily shaking their rattle, you know they're learning and having fun at the same time.

Rattles are also great for helping babies learn about their senses. When they shake a rattle, they hear a sound. So, they'll keep shaking it to see what different sounds they can make. This helps them explore and understand how things work.

baby rattles

Dummy Clips

When it comes to crafting adorable baby essentials, Snugglebubs stands out from the rest. They offer a variety of dummy clip chains, ensuring that your baby's pacifier is always within reach when you need it.

Dummy clips are a lifesaver, especially in public places when you need to quickly soothe your baby. Just attach the clip, and your little one will happily enjoy their pacifier. Children can become quite attached to their dummy clips, often refusing to sleep without them, making them their closest companions.

Whether you're travelling, spending time with family, or simply tackling household chores, dummy clips keep babies content in their own world.

Don't wait any longer! Order your essential baby items from Snugglebubs now for the best prices and exclusive discount offers.

dummy clip holders

Baby Blankets

The third-most emotionally comforting partner for your child is often the blanket that helps them sleep peacefully. At around 6 months old, children can take quite some time to fall asleep and may wake up frequently due to hunger or discomfort.

However, not all blankets are created equal. Some may not adjust well to the weather, becoming too hot or not providing enough warmth when it's cold outside. Additionally, certain materials can cause breathing problems or simply be uncomfortable for the baby, making it difficult for them to sleep.

Snugglebubs have got you covered! Their baby blankets are made of muslin, a material that offers comfort and ease for your sensitive child to sleep soundly. You can choose blankets tailored to the weather, ensuring they don't become too hot and remain breathable throughout the night.

Snugglebubs also offer baby swaddles that can be wrapped snugly around the baby on any occasion. They even provide blankets with attached toys, allowing the baby to sleep while enjoying the company of their favourite plushie.

baby blanket

Baby Teethers

As babies grow, they develop a habit of putting everything in their mouths. Whether it's keys, a teddy bear, clothes, or blankets, they just can't resist tasting it all. But this behaviour is a part of their learning process, helping them practise tongue movements and chewing.

Giving them baby teethers is a healthy way to satisfy this urge to chew. These specially designed toys are safe for babies to gnaw on, providing relief for their gums as new teeth come in. So, if you see your little one chewing on everything in sight, offering them a teether can be a soothing and safe solution.

When babies are teething, they often feel discomfort and need something soothing for their gums. That's where teethers for babies come in handy. These specially designed toys are made to be chewed and sucked on by babies. As they gnaw on the teether, it helps to massage and soothe their tender gums, providing relief from the pain and discomfort of teething.

baby teethers

Final Words

Snugglebubs can become your favourite go-to brand for all your essential baby needs, no matter when or where you need them. Whether you're looking for a baby rattle, soft toys, blankets, or any other essential item, Snugglebubs has you covered.

When purchasing products for your child, safety is paramount. You may have concerns about allergies, appropriateness for toddlers, or whether your child will even enjoy the product. 

However, with Snugglebubs, you can rest assured. The company crafts products that are not only safe but also designed to be loved by children. So, you can shop with confidence knowing that your child's safety and happiness are the top priorities.

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