Understanding How Your Newborn Loves to Sleep: Your Handy Guide to Baby Sleep

The main chore of the day for lovely newborns is to sleep. They do not have the sense of day and night. And just because their tiny stomachs do not hold enough formula or milk, their sleep time is also confined to chunks of hours. 

Babies wake up when they are hungry or uncomfortable. They do not really fit the idiom “sleeping like a baby."  Their sleep gets disturbed even with minor noises and unease. 

For your lovely, delicate baby, it is required to maintain a cosy environment that promotes their sleep, and helps them adjust to the world outside the mother’s womb. This cosy environment can be sustained by using proper bedding, including the security and swaddle blankets by Snugglebubs

Read the blog until the end to learn how Snugglebubs blankets are handy for a cosy bedtime for your newborn. 

Ultimate Warmth & Comfort-Baby Blankets

You do not really have to do a lot just to put a newborn to sleep, as they love to sleep any time of day. Still, taking measures to sustain comfort for them is important, as small disturbances can make them irritated with sleep quite easily. 

According to the suggestions of most paediatricians, blankets and bedding play quite a role in promoting the sleep of babies. Especially swaddling your baby. It provides such a secure and warm effect for your baby, hence giving them a naptime full of comfort and cosiness. 

Types of Baby Blankets

Here are the types of baby blankets that will get the cuteness overloaded with their visuals, and also the "functionality," all by Snugglebubs. 

Security Blankets

Babies do sometimes get scared of the dark late at night. They need a sensation of something that should be near them. Well, that’s fulfilled by the Snugglebubs’ security blankets. 

They are overall lightweight and made of high-quality materials. On top of that, they also have cute animal designs, hence providing the child with a cute partner that will be a good safety sensation for the baby. 

The good thing about purchasing Snugglebubs baby security blankets and comforters is that they do not become worn out earlier because of their fair quality and materials. They can even be passed on to the next sibling, and be their ultimate partner!

Midnight Fun for Babies

Security blankets are the real fun for toddlers. They can form an emotional bond with their precious blanket. Whenever they are scared at night, their cutest partner will always be available to hug them. 

Swaddle Blankets

As it is very hard for the baby to adjust to the real world, outside the mother’s womb, swaddles have been of huge importance for centuries. 

To prevent the babies from rolling over while sleeping, while also keeping them confined to a cosy space, especially during a cold, swaddles are quite significant. 

Swaddle blankets play an essential role in putting babies to sleep in no time. They also play a good role in public spaces, keeping the babies safe and comfortable, wrapped in the blanket.

You won’t see a flaw in blankets when they are woven by Snugglebubs. Made of 100% pure cotton, they are lightweight and breathable, making them a good friend for your infant in his early days.

The Night Time Saviour: Swaddle Blanket

According to various physicians and paediatricians, the healthiest position to sleep is on our backs. 

It is a habit of babies to move and change their posture while sleeping. By swaddling them to sleep, you are indirectly saving your child from rolling over during his naptime. 

Still, if there are any chances for them to roll over, it is essential to always keep them monitored. Otherwise, suffocation and sleeping on the belly can cause severe complications in no time. 

How to Swaddle a Baby - Step-by-Step

Here is the step-by-step guide to swaddle your baby to sleep. 

  1. Grab the Snugglebubs swaddle blanket of your choice. 
  2. Spread the blanket on the bed and fold one of its corners. 
  3. Lay the baby on the blanket by keeping the head of the baby on top of the folded corner. 
  4. Straighten the left arm and wrap the left corner of the blanket over your baby’s body. Tuck it between the right arm and the right side of the body, 
  5. Fold and twist the lower side of the blanket “loosely” and tuck it at any convenient side. 
  6. Make sure that the swaddle does not come out to be too tight. 

Keep The Hips Loose

People who swaddle their baby too tightly may not know what kind of hazard they are inviting. 

Straightening and tightening the legs of the baby can cause hip dislocation or hip dysplasia. It stimulates the formation of a new hip joint that does not let the socket of the hip move or remain firmly fixed. 

Make sure that whenever you are folding the bottom of the swaddle blanket, avoid the tightness. Always check if the swaddle is spacious enough so the baby won’t have any breathing problems, and can move their legs easily. 

Wrapping Up!

Snugglebubs is an Australian company specialised in providing baby products and essentials. The company goes on with the criteria of providing products that focus on their specific theme. 

Each of the products follows the pattern and adorability of their soft toys collection. That means that you can buy all of your adorable child essentials that accommodate the print and patterns of your baby’s favourite toys. This is also a good chance to set the room of your newborn according to your decided aesthetics. 

Snugglebubs also offers gift box packages that serve as a good compliment in the events like baby showers or birthdays. 



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