Comparison Between Plastic and Silicone Feeding Sets: What is Better for Your Baby?

Seems like it is finally the time when you just put all your determination into finding a perfect feeding set for your baby. It is quite expected that your browsing aisles are currently overflowing with multiple feeding sets.

Exploring different rows of vibrantly coloured plastic bowls and spoons next to silicone feeding sets, you might wonder which one of these materials should I get for my child.

Feeding sets are something more than just mealtime companions; they are huge contributors to the development of your baby. These bowls, plates, and spoons can become the extensions of those tiny hands, teaching them to self-feed. However, the decision to purchase a feeding set can be overwhelming because there are too many options when it comes to the material of the set.

But this blog is here to help you figure out your confusion. Keep reading to know the real difference between silicone and plastic feeding sets, and which one of them is actually the best for your child.

Safety - A Top Priority

Plastic and Its Potential Hazards

When it is about purchasing baby products, your safety considerations must be paramount. Unfortunately, some plastics have failed to contribute as a good baby-feeding companion due to the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA) and some other chemicals of concern. 

BPA is a synthetic compound used in the production of hard plastics, but research has shown that it contains hormonal dysfunction and impactful development in babies. 

In plastics, phthalates are also usually seen that are interconnected to potential issues such as respiratory problems and various allergies.

There are some safer plastics though like Polypropylene (PP), but there is still a little chance for it to leach when exposed to a high temperature, and thus contaminate baby food. You cannot warm your baby's food with such crockery. 

Silicone's Safety Advantages

When it comes to safety, silicone is certainly an ace. The material is naturally inert and toxic in nature, free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC. Leaching and contamination of baby food are not specifically found in silicone feeding sets. It is like a worry-free option that you can warm your baby's food without any risk of leaching. 

Silicone spoons are gentle and soothing for your baby's delicate gums. And since it does not contain any harmful specimens, your little one can easily explore many textures safely. Silicone feeding sets give peace of mind for every feeding session, prioritising nothing but the well-being of your child. 

At Snugglebubs, there is no way of finding a product that is known for its potential hazards. Each of their products is completely safe and always cares about the better development of your baby. 

Material Properties - Functionality Matters

What does Plastic Offer?


Plastic feeding sets sometimes are advantageous when it comes to weight. Still, there are some complications regarding that. 

Lightweight plastics sometimes have a flimsy texture and can be prone to tripping over, resulting in increased amounts of spills. 


Plastics are rigid, so that is probably not a good idea to use them as a feeding set because it is not well on the sensitive gums of your baby. It really irritates children when they are in the process of teething. 

They Break Easily

Plastics are not long-lasting. They have a high susceptibility to breakage. Even a chewing-on spoon can easily crack or shatter causing an extreme situation for a child. 


Over some time, plastics also get stained quite easily, especially from coloured foods such as tomato sauce or berries.

They destroy the aesthetics of the crockery and can absolutely not be passed on to your next child due to its worst quality over time.

Silicone - The Key Properties

The ace of them all is silicone. It shines when it comes to the functionality of feeding sets.

Relief on Gums

The soft spoon or teethers made of silicone provide much-needed relief for the developing gums of children. Silicone with its relief properties also introduces the concept of utensils.


Silicone is a heat-resistant material that allows you to safely warm food directly in a bowl. The functionality is at its peak when you find out that silicone is also a good steaming container for vegetable steaming.

Stain and odour-resistant

Silicone accommodates high durability and is easily washable. Remember those stubborn stains of berry and tomato sauce? Their rules do not apply on silicone crockery, hence making cleaning easier for a quick rinse and even for dishwashers. It keeps your baby's silicone feeding sets looking fresh and hygienic. 

Silicone Feeding Sets By Snugglebubs

Snugglebubs, with its fun feeding sets, offers features beyond mere material safety and risks.

Suction Plates

These are lifesavers for our children who do not like to eat without creating a mess. The silicone feeding sets by Snugglebubs have a suction base that attaches securely to smooth surfaces, hence preventing frustrating throws and spills.

This is not only safe but also very functional, preventing any kind of mess and frustration for both you and your baby. 

Thanks to these suction cups, the silicone feeding set also is a travel-friendly option, as minor ups and downs do not let them spill the food. 

Fun Designs

Fun designs and colours also play a significant role in encouraging self-feeding for children. The silicone feeding sets come in a variety of shapes and textures, resembling the favourite soft toys of your baby. 

It makes mealtime much more encouraging and interesting for your little one. Such toyish feeding sets enhance the spark of your baby's curiosity and turn their mealtime into an absolute playtime. 

These features add practicality and a little convenience to the feeding routine of your adorable one, making silicone a hopeful companion for busy parents. 

Final Words

Choosing a perfect feeding set is a necessary step for your baby's development. After all, for babies, even a mealtime involves exploration, discovery and positive association with food.

As you have read, silicone proves to be the best when it comes to safety and functionality. So don't be late, Snugglebubs offers the perfect silicone feeding sets for babies that set them on a path of healthy and happy mealtimes. 

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