5 Reasons Why We Should Choose Muslin for Newborn Swaddling

What parents tend to focus on in the first few years of their children's lives is providing them with their very best. They even sacrifice their sleep at the most to ensure that their child is resting peacefully. Babies, being delicate beings, take time to adapt to the world outside their mother's womb. 

Even the slightest touch can greatly disturb them, making it crucial to minimise discomfort.

Parenting involves constant efforts to comfort your child in various aspects, be it education, food, clothing, or the swaddle used to wrap them up. 

Opting for baby essentials made of muslin is one of the finest ways to offer the utmost care to your baby. This blog explores why mothers are increasingly choosing muslin baby products. Check out the reasons below.

What Kind of Fabric Muslin Is This?

Muslin originated in India and is a lightweight, loosely woven fabric known for its softness, making it ideal for babies. Available in various colours, patterns, and sizes, muslin fabrics meet the diverse needs of parents.

Snugglebubs believes that blankets are essential baby companions, providing warmth and protection during sleep. Muslin blankets, in particular, excel at offering comfort and cosiness to babies throughout the night.

Why Has Muslin Become a Top Choice for New Parents?

Considerable attention to temperature changes is crucial when selecting the right blanket for babies. Blankets can become overheated in warm weather and too thin for comfort in cold weather.

Babies have a natural inclination to cover themselves while sleeping, fostering a sense of security in the outside world. They become too sensitive to live outside their previous place, which was their mother's womb.

Muslin blankets provide a stable solution, adapting well to varying weather conditions without compromising quality, even with prolonged use. The following benefits highlight why muslin blankets are an excellent choice for delicate newborns:.

Check out why muslin fabric is the best choice for newborn swaddles with the reasons given below.

Soft on the Skin

Baby skin is incredibly sensitive and softer than adult skin, requiring caution when selecting fabrics to avoid irritation and staying informed about potential allergies. Muslin, being a soft and comfortable fabric, is specifically woven for delicate baby skin.

Choosing organic muslin fabric ensures the utmost safety, as it is free from potentially irritating chemicals. This makes it an excellent and gentle choice for your baby's sensitive skin.


Muslin's flexibility makes it a valuable choice for swaddling your baby, creating a snug and warm environment for a comfortable nap time. 

The flexibility of muslin blankets is particularly beneficial when the baby feels uneasy during sleep and needs a bit of gentle stretching for added comfort.

The stretch feature of muslin blankets is beneficial as babies undergo continuous growth, and their clothes may no longer fit them. A flexible muslin blanket proves convenient for swaddle wrap swaddle around them, particularly during the stage of rapid growth at 2 months of age.

Durable Yet Breathable

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your baby refuses to sleep despite trying various blankets? This could be due to breathing difficulties. Many blankets can become overheated, and swaddles may tighten around the baby's body, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Muslin blankets, on the other hand, are slim yet warm, breathable, and gentle on babies. They provide comfort without restricting airflow, helping to alleviate breathing issues during sleep.

Additionally, muslin baby swaddles are incredibly durable and easy to clean. They can be washed effortlessly in both the washing machine and by hand, ensuring your baby stays protected from dirt and allergens. 

What's at Snugglebubs?

Snugglebubs is an Australian company renowned for offering top-notch baby essentials, meticulously crafted to avoid allergens and adhere to environmental-friendly principles. 

Committed to fostering a healthy childhood for children, the company also aims to support parents in raising their kids with ease.

Muslin blankets and swaddles are among their core offerings. Snugglebubs understands that a baby's peaceful sleep is paramount to facilitating easier parenting. 

With their muslin swaddles, they have significantly eased the lives of parents, providing both babies and parents with much-needed rest.

Snugglebubs' products make excellent choices for baby shower gifts or delightful presents for your newborn niece or nephew. Don't hesitate – grab your muslin swaddles now to showcase your thoughtfulness to the baby's parents.

Luxe Organic Muslin Swaddle

Crafted from 100% pure cotton, Snugglebubs' Luxe Organic Muslin Swaddle makes for an excellent sleep companion for your baby. With its appealing aesthetics and the numerous benefits associated with muslin fabrics, this swaddle offers the ideal option for ensuring your baby enjoys a peaceful sleep.

This washable swaddle features a charming leaf pattern, symbolising the fall season. If you adore the fall aesthetic and your home decor aligns with it, seize the opportunity to order your Luxe Muslin Swaddle from Snugglebubs right away!


Purple Flower Organic Muslin Swaddle

The purple flower pattern on Snugglebubs' swaddle adds a beautiful touch, capturing the essence of summer aesthetics. Consistent with Snugglebubs' commitment to quality, this swaddle is crafted from 100% pure cotton, offering both comfort and style. 

With dimensions of 120cm in width and 110cm in height, it makes a perfect choice for a newborn swaddle.

purple organic swaddle wrap

If you're struggling to find a thoughtful gift for a newborn baby shower, the Purple Flower Organic Muslin Swaddle from Snugglebubs is an excellent choice that parents will appreciate. 

Snugglebubs ensures the protection of their precious blankets and swaddles by packaging them in a satin bag, safeguarding against dirt and allergens during transport.


Muslin fabric has recently emerged as the preferred choice for parents, making it easier to put their babies to sleep without staying up all night. Parenting revolves around ensuring the comfort of your baby.

Muslin blankets are both durable and breathable, providing a soft and comfortable touch for delicate baby skin, which takes time adjusting to the outside world after leaving the mother's womb.

Thanks to Snugglebubs, whether it's muslin or a jersey swaddle, they consistently deliver the best products, never disappointing their clients.

Why wait? Visit Snugglebubs' official website now to order the best product for your newborn baby.

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