Why Baby Blankets and Swaddles Are Every Parent's Essential

Newborn time is a very special time for all of the soon-to-be parents, full of cuddles, laughter, and, yes, a healthy dose of sleep deprivation. Do not fear, tired warriors! You're not up against this battle alone.

As giving good sleep is our main focus, today we will highlight the two most crucial tools you need; baby blankets and baby swaddles. You must be wondering why these two products should be the next thing on our shopping list. Keep reading to get all your answers! 

How Baby Blankets Support Healthy Development? 

Temperature Regulation

The inability of newborns' bodies to effectively regulate heat makes them particularly susceptible to changes in temperature. They lose heat much faster than adults, and overheating can also be dangerous.  Baby blankets become a crucial tool in maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for your little one.

Offers Warmth and Avoids Overheating

A well-chosen baby blanket is all you need to keep your baby warm and cosy, most importantly on colder nights. A few considerations you should remember while making the purchase include the right breathable material and proper airflow to avoid problems like choking and overheating. 

It's important to avoid using too many layers or a blanket that's too thick, as this can trap heat and raise your baby's body temperature. Always check your baby's neck and chest to ensure they feel comfortable and not sweaty.

Different Blanket Materials for Different Seasons

The ideal blanket material will vary depending on the season. Here's a quick guide:


Go for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, muslin or gauze. 


Choose blankets made from thicker cotton or a cotton blend. These offer more warmth while remaining breathable.


Look for blankets made from fleece, sherpa, or wool (ensure it's labelled "machine washable"). These materials provide excellent insulation for colder temperatures.

Comfort and Security

For a newborn, the gentle touch of a blanket can be very comforting. They can experience a sense of security and comfort when you wrap them in a soft, fluffy blanket, simulating the sensation of being held close. This is particularly useful when settling a fussy child or helping them go to sleep.

Beyond Warmth, a Familiar Friend

Your baby may grow to treasure a favourite blanket as a comfort item over time.  Especially in strange places, the comforting smell and feel of familiarity can be a gentle reminder.  As your child grows, this unique blanket might even turn into a treasured keepsake that brings to mind happy memories.

Multitasking At Its Peak

Baby blankets are much more than just a source of warmth.  They are very adaptable for a variety of uses due to their softness and portability:

  • A blanket offers a cosy surface for nursing your child, encouraging intimacy and bonding.
  • When used as a supportive surface during tummy time, a folded blanket helps your baby develop stronger neck and back muscles.
  • To keep privacy and discretion while nursing, you can throw a big blanket over your shoulder.
  • For on-the-go diaper changes, a blanket can serve as a hygienic and cosy layer over a changing pad. 

Understanding the Advantages of Swaddle for Newborns

Improved Sleep 

Newborns naturally have strong startle reflexes, also known as Moro reflexes. When this reflex is triggered by sudden movements or loud noises, the infant will often throw their arms and legs out, startling themselves awake. This severe disruption of sleep patterns may cause frustration for both the parents and the infant.

According to research, swaddling a baby can be a very helpful tactic for promoting calmer, deeper sleep.

Soothes Fussiness

Calming down a fussy baby is another kind of struggle. An underrated way to deal with this situation is to swaddle. It is due to a sense of security, cosiness, and the feeling of being held close. 

This concept was further validated after the study published in Acta Paediatrica (2010). Its investigators found that babies whose proper swaddles are given cry less and have better health. Because they are easily overstimulated by external stimuli, newborns can greatly benefit from this calming influence.

Safe Sleep Practices

It's true that swaddling offers a number of advantages but can become a problem if sleep guidelines aren't fulfilled. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends placing babies on their backs to sleep for every nap and nighttime) to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

Always ensure the swaddle is loose enough to allow for hip movement and discontinue swaddling once your baby shows signs of rolling over, typically around 3-4 months old.

Creative Ways To Utilise Swaddles and Baby Blankets

Hip wiggle room

Ensure the swaddle is snug around the chest and arms but loose enough around the hips to allow for healthy hip development. A good rule of thumb is to allow for about two fingers' width of space between the swaddle and the baby's hips.

Temperature control

Dress your baby in lightweight clothing under the swaddle to avoid overheating. Monitor their temperature by feeling their chest or back, not their hands or feet.

Discontinue swaddling when rolling

Swaddling is no doubt great, but things change as your newborn is growing. It might become dangerous by restricting their movement. Speaking of when you are suggested to discontinue swaddling is once your baby shows signs of rolling over. They do that normally at the age of 3-4 months. 

Creative Ways to Use Baby Blankets

Play Mat

While playmat is another essential product you would require for your baby, meanwhile a blanket would also temporarily play its role greatly. Just spread the blanket on the floor, add some age-appropriate toys and a safe playing ground is ready! 

Picnic Blanket

Pack a waterproof blanket for outdoor adventures with your baby. It creates a clean and comfortable surface for playtime or diaper changes at the park or beach.

Car Seat Cover

The safety of newborns aren't just limited to homes, they require ten times more attention when out of their living space. Fortunately, a good blanket never stops facilitating a baby by being a good travelling partner. You can drap in all over the baby seat to reap its benefits as a car seat cover. 

It can also be used as a sunshade against the UV rays entering into the car to protect the baby's delicate skin. 

To Sum Up

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 3500 newborn deaths every year, which happened due to unsafe sleeping practices. And that rate didn't decrease, but suffocation in bed is increasing with time. 

To sum up, we can say that swaddles and blankets are two required tools that can make a lot of difference when it's about their sleeping patterns

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